Terms and Conditions

1. Survey Scope and Procedure: We conduct a comprehensive survey within the limits of property access and current circumstances. Our surveyor will inspect as much of the property's interior and exterior as feasible, focusing on energy-related aspects. We will examine both internal and external surfaces where practical, including lifting accessible ceiling tiles and trapdoors if reasonable. However, we do not disturb fitted carpets, heavy furniture, fixtures, or fittings for inspection.

2. Limitations of Inspection: The survey does not cover unexposed, inaccessible, or covered sections of the property or its energy systems. Our report does not imply any statements about these un-inspected areas. Areas such as the roof attic, upper areas, flat roofs, and lofts will be inspected from ground level or a nearby vantage point, considering safety measures. No items stored in the attic will be moved for the inspection.

3. Services and Installations: We visually inspect energy-related systems / equipment and can provide general comments on these. We use visually identifiable information on these products to determine their energy use. Any testing of service installations, like gas, water, electricity, or central heating systems, will only be conducted upon receiving specific prior instructions from the client. We do not provide a professional opinion on the air conditioning energy values - this requires an Air Conditioning Energy Assessment.

4. Report and Liability: The surveyor provides their professional opinion with utmost care. Any liability of the surveyor, however, does not cover economic losses or loss of profits. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the report is valid as of the inspection date and assumes that the property has no statutory notices and that its use doesn't violate any statutory requirements.

5. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes related to these terms or subsequent matters will be addressed through arbitration in London, England. If parties cannot agree on an arbitrator, the Award Body for the Built Environment (ABBE) will appoint one.

6. Fees and Payments: The client agrees to pay the agreed fee for our services, including any applicable Value Added Tax and agreed expenses.

7. Guidance on Energy Savings: If provided, energy-saving cost estimates are for guidance purposes only. They should not be considered official quotes or estimates. Proper competitive quotes or estimates should be obtained before finalizing contracts.

8. Cancellation Policy: Details on the cancellation of our services, including any penalties or fees, will be provided separately and agreed upon by both parties.

9. Data Privacy: We adhere strictly to data protection laws in handling, storing, and protecting the client's personal data. Further information on this can be found in our Privacy Policy.

10. Intellectual Property: Any intellectual property, proprietary methods, or systems used in our reports remain our property and cannot be reproduced without our express permission.

Why use us

Prioritise the right work and avoid mistakes

Well designed retrofits balance 'fabric improvements' that reduce energy waste, with 'system upgrades' that decarbonise heating and generation.

Wrong choices have consequences. A heat pump retrofit in an inefficient older property is a missed opportunity to invest instead in long term efficiency upgrades.

We simulate the impact of improvements to enable good retrofit decisions

  • Modelling-driven: We use energy modelling to tailor a retrofit roadmap to each home

  • Reliable quotes: We use specs and pricing data to quickly get a reliable quote

  • Verified: Understand available financing, subsidies and carbon credits