Our mission

Make buildings better

Our homes poorly retain heat in winter, and overheat in summer. We use high amounts of energy - often supplied through polluting means - to make our buildings liveable. The health and economic cost of our poorly designed buildings will only get worse over time. This is a problem that cannot be fixed by simply building new buildings better.

What if we could transform existing homes? We can improve the fabric of our buildings to achieve high comfort for residents, and maximise the use of renewable or natural energy sources.

This transformation is increasingly capable of being affordably funded with blended finance. The high cost and specialist time required to get a detailed costed design prevents sustainable finance from effectively creating the incentives for a sustainable able-to-pay market.

We are a London based team of product designers and engineers, making detailed retrofit design simple with software. Our long term goal is to build a sustainable home energy retrofit market.

Why use us

Prioritise the right work and avoid mistakes

Well designed retrofits balance 'fabric improvements' that reduce energy waste, with 'system upgrades' that decarbonise heating and generation.

Wrong choices have consequences. A heat pump retrofit in an inefficient older property is a missed opportunity to invest instead in long term efficiency upgrades.

We simulate the impact of improvements to enable good retrofit decisions

  • Modelling-driven: We use energy modelling to tailor a retrofit roadmap to each home

  • Reliable quotes: We use specs and pricing data to quickly get a reliable quote

  • Verified: Understand available financing, subsidies and carbon credits

Our team

we're rethinking retrofits



Ex-BCG home electrification with MBA / Law / Economics degrees. Product and data science leader at VC backed startups, qualified domestic energy assessor.



UCL MSc in Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering. Specialist in data science and coding parametric dynamic building energy models


We're on the lookout for smart engineers, designers and other professionals to join our team. If you're interested, reach out to hello@homeenergyfoundry.com