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Our value proposition:

Scale with confidence

Retrofits are challenging for volumetric manufacturers. Design variability and spiky demand hinder lean manufacturing.

Home Energy Foundry provide manufacturers a consistent flow of standard orders from retrofit advisors. We work with select manufacturers to purchase pre-orders, enabling long term decisions.

This enables manufacturers to more easily grow to serve the massive retrofit market.

Why use us

Prioritise the right work and avoid mistakes

Well designed retrofits balance 'fabric improvements' that reduce energy waste, with 'system upgrades' that decarbonise heating and generation.

Wrong choices have consequences. A heat pump retrofit in an inefficient older property is a missed opportunity to invest instead in long term efficiency upgrades.

We simulate the impact of improvements to enable good retrofit decisions

  • Modelling-driven: We use energy modelling to tailor a retrofit roadmap to each home

  • Reliable quotes: We use specs and pricing data to quickly get a reliable quote

  • Verified: Understand available financing, subsidies and carbon credits

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